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On a warm day in May, at the beautiful  private residence of the Janzens in Fresno, California, we captured the wonderful wedding of Antoinette and Uthman Nkosi. Apart from family and friends, an entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen witnessed sweet vows being exchanged by the couple and the emergence of the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Lockett.

As the couple is from the East Coast, the only interaction we had with them earlier was a telephonic conversation and an exchange of e-mails afterwards. So, it was a pleasure to meet both Antoinette and Nkosi for the first time on their wedding day; a day filled with many exuberant moments which were documented by us. The venue, with its many gardens, gave us a lot of creative freedom and served as an inspiration for the photo shoot.

Hats off to StarEvents who worked flawlessly to make the whole event a delightful affair.


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When we first met Karen and Joost (and that also on the engagement shoot day) we clicked, no pun intended, instantly. Their personalities and positive energy made the shoot interesting and fun.  The outdoor shoot took place at the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden in San Francisco, which was named for the late queen of Netherlands in 1962. The garden had a many different colored tulips in bloom and an authentic Dutch windmill provided a lovely background apart from reminding Joost of his homeland. We cannot wait to capture the couple’s wedding at end of May. A slideshow comprising of selected images from Karen and Joost’s engagement shoot follows. Happy viewing!

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It is with great joy that we share with you photos of baby Vivienne Lena Elizabeth Dieterle alongside her doting family. Elizabeth, the excited mom, had asked us to take pictures of the newborn Vivienne even before her arrival into this world. We were keen on being introduced to the month old baby Vivienne and on a sunny albeit windy day, headed over to The Presidio of San Francisco where the family had gathered. The park provided a perfect background for the portrait session which lasted for just over an hour. Congrats to Elizabeth and Alexander!

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Providing a platform for up and coming music artists in and around San Francisco is how Syaft Ladge, Noise Chek’s producer and director, came upon the idea for the show. Bringing a wide variety of genres under one roof, the show lets music lovers discover local talents, as they belt out original songs and instrumentals at a venue that usually is a restaurant or club.

We made our way to the recording of the show recently at the El Rincon restaurant, which is known for its Cuban cuisine. The artists made the most of the stage, while we captured their performances through our cameras. The artists performing that night included Hammerlock, Hello Monster, Sarah Rubin, and Blair. Enjoy the pics!

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Photo by Shabbir Siraj

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China Beach stone marker

A seemingly overcast and gloomy day can in fact turn out to be a fun and interesting one as we found out on Jan 10, 2010. China Beach, a secluded cove that is close to the Golden Gate Bridge, was the rendezvous point for a maternity shoot amongst rock outcrops and turbulent waves. The beach and its name have a history attached to them, which you can read about in the photo taken of the stone marker that’s placed at the entrance to the area.  (more…)

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The Ferry Building (click to enlarge)

San Francisco’s urban canvas is chock full of historic architecture and landmarks that are ripe for photography. One such structure is the Ferry Building, a major tourist attraction and a bustling marketplace that serves as a favorite haunt for locals. As its name suggests, it is an operational ferry terminal and is also home to a statue of a jovial M. K. Gandhi that faces the Bay Bridge. The statue is only dwarfed by the beautiful clock tower built in the center of the building.

Statue of Gandhi

The Ferry Building was the backdrop for our first ever engagement photo session with the lovely Ida and Mahir on the afternoon of Jan. 6, 2010. Like any photo shoot, it is always better to arrive early at the location of the shoot and especially so if you’ve never visited it before; this is helpful in quite a few ways as will be explained. Salma and I reached the landmark building early on and this enabled us to get a feel of its environs and bounce around ideas for shots; keeping in mind objects in and around the area allowed us to compose images in our heads beforehand. For example, we used a glass partition of a restaurant for an artistic shot that provided a play on reflection.

Meeting Ida and Mahir was like meeting old friends. The chemistry between the two of them made our work easier as we were able to focus more on framing them in the viewfinders of our cameras instead of giving directions throughout the session. A plethora of lenses were also the stars of the shoot; a Nikon 50mm f/1.8 for bokeh-licious portraits, a Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 for a variety of shots, and a Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 for some interesting wide angle shots.

The photo shoot lasted about an hour and after exchanging goodbyes with the couple, it was off to home and to the digital darkroom for a post-processing marathon. Some of the resulting images are featured below. Enjoy!

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