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Weather has always played an important role for photographers specializing in wedding photography; outdoor portrait sessions do turn out to be more pleasant with Mother Nature’s cooperation and some sunshine. Then, there are days when one has to go against all odds to get the job. On May 28th, 2010, in the middle of a heavy downpour, we shot the wedding of Karen and Joost at the San Francisco City Hall.

As the wedding ceremony and reception was a small yet elegant affair, the couple decided to do the portrait session at some beautiful locations around the city. The day started off at the Legion of Honor, a museum displaying a collection of ancient and European art with breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge; when not enveloped in dense fog that is. After the museum we headed off to the oldest San Francisco landmark: The Palace of Fine Arts. An artistic wonder built after 1906, The Palace of Fine Arts served as a stunning background for the couple as it was fenced off for renovations at the time and there was nary a visitor in sight.

The San Francisco City Hall is a favorite among couples looking for a quick civil ceremony to bind them in Holy Matrimony. The historic architecture inside and out has served the community for more than eighty years. The wedding ceremony for Karen and Joost was held at the fourth floor gallery, a serene and cozy place filled with sunlight coming through a huge window above. We observed on Karen and Joost’s special day that no matter how big the venue is, nothing compares to the intimacy of sharing a precious moment in life in the company of friends and loved ones at the San Francisco City Hall. Even with the weather not being on our side, it turned out to be a perfect day after all!


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On a warm day in May, at the beautiful  private residence of the Janzens in Fresno, California, we captured the wonderful wedding of Antoinette and Uthman Nkosi. Apart from family and friends, an entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen witnessed sweet vows being exchanged by the couple and the emergence of the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Lockett.

As the couple is from the East Coast, the only interaction we had with them earlier was a telephonic conversation and an exchange of e-mails afterwards. So, it was a pleasure to meet both Antoinette and Nkosi for the first time on their wedding day; a day filled with many exuberant moments which were documented by us. The venue, with its many gardens, gave us a lot of creative freedom and served as an inspiration for the photo shoot.

Hats off to StarEvents who worked flawlessly to make the whole event a delightful affair.

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We had the opportunity to cover our very first wedding for our good friends Ida and Mahir. A day of celebration but a lifetime of memories is what weddings are all about. As photographers, we have the difficult job of preserving those memories that will last forever.

Held at a golf club, the Reserves at Spanos Park in Stockton, CA, Ida and Mahir charming wedding took place on an overcast windy day that was filled with fun laughter and moments of sheer joy.  We not only had a wonderful time capturing their special moment but enjoyed the company of friends and family. Enjoy the pictures!

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Providing a platform for up and coming music artists in and around San Francisco is how Syaft Ladge, Noise Chek’s producer and director, came upon the idea for the show. Bringing a wide variety of genres under one roof, the show lets music lovers discover local talents, as they belt out original songs and instrumentals at a venue that usually is a restaurant or club.

We made our way to the recording of the show recently at the El Rincon restaurant, which is known for its Cuban cuisine. The artists made the most of the stage, while we captured their performances through our cameras. The artists performing that night included Hammerlock, Hello Monster, Sarah Rubin, and Blair. Enjoy the pics!

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Photo by Shabbir Siraj

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Happy 2010! (Twenty-ten or two thousand ‘n’ ten, depends on how you say it)

The new year has given us a great start, especially when it came to finding work in San Francisco. We had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and be a small part of their life, all the while capturing their special moments. Last weekend’s highlight for us was a memorable visit to a gargantuan oil tank ship called Ice Energy, docked in Richmond, California. The awe-inspiring vessel and the views from the top deck were spectacular. A seperate write-up will be dedicated to the Ice Energy accompanied by lots of pics.

Here’s a sneak peek of three photo shoots that kept us busy in the past week. Images from the shoots will make their way on to the blog starting tomorrow.  That’s all for now,  all the very best to everyone in 2010.

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