It is never easy losing a close family member and moreso when it becomes apparent that our lives will never be the same again. We lost our Uncle Ahad on March 14th, 2010 and it has been an agonizing ordeal to try and believe that this really has happened; our minds are numb and our hearts have shattered. Uncle Ahad was a self-made man who lived his life not  for himself, but for others. His genial and humble nature won over many a friend and his commitment to excellent service garnered him accolades in San Francisco’s hospitality industry. Nothing was impossible for him; things were taken care of decisively and swiftly. Time had to keep up pace with him!

It was four months ago when we set foot in San Francisco and were welcomed by Uncle Ahad into his home and into his life. Our photography business took off with his blessings while we were staying with him. His words of wisdom and his moral support always made us feel as if we could do just about anything. We never thought that we’d have to see this day, when Uncle Ahad, the youngest of five brothers and one sister, would leave us so abruptly. No one will be able to fill the shoes of our sweet, fun and caring uncle and his memories will remain with us until the day when we will also return to the Almighty.

Your collection of wall clocks will always happily roar like a tiger or make a cuckoo sound at the turn of every hour; the numerous wind chimes will always lend a favorable tune for the wind to carry; but your loud guffaw will be sorely missed.

We’ll always miss you.

Shabbir & Salma


We had the opportunity to cover our very first wedding for our good friends Ida and Mahir. A day of celebration but a lifetime of memories is what weddings are all about. As photographers, we have the difficult job of preserving those memories that will last forever.

Held at a golf club, the Reserves at Spanos Park in Stockton, CA, Ida and Mahir charming wedding took place on an overcast windy day that was filled with fun laughter and moments of sheer joy.  We not only had a wonderful time capturing their special moment but enjoyed the company of friends and family. Enjoy the pictures!

Photo by Shabbir Siraj
Thanks to Sukaina for the title

We are happy for our friends Rachel Swann and Rachel Gill who won a dream wedding giveaway on the Tyra Banks Show.  Taking their engagement shoots photos and making a slide show out of them was a breeze, as the Rachels favorite song (By your side by Sade) elevated the mood and gave a nice flow to the whole show.

Photo by Shabbir Siraj

Providing a platform for up and coming music artists in and around San Francisco is how Syaft Ladge, Noise Chek’s producer and director, came upon the idea for the show. Bringing a wide variety of genres under one roof, the show lets music lovers discover local talents, as they belt out original songs and instrumentals at a venue that usually is a restaurant or club.

We made our way to the recording of the show recently at the El Rincon restaurant, which is known for its Cuban cuisine. The artists made the most of the stage, while we captured their performances through our cameras. The artists performing that night included Hammerlock, Hello Monster, Sarah Rubin, and Blair. Enjoy the pics!

Published in Digital Camera & Photo Buyer’s Guide 2010
Photo by Umme Salma Hamdani

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