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And we’re back!

We are finally updating our blog after a long time but because of a very valid reason. We recently became parents to a beautiful and healthy baby boy and have been engrossed in taking care of his every little whim and fancy. We also covered a South Asian wedding recently, a first for us. Sandhya & Rishikesh got married on Nov. 19th, 2010 in a ceremony seeped in tradition which showcased the vibrant South Indian culture.  Even though we covered the wedding from 8am onwards, the bride and groom were up since 5am for all the various rituals that lead up to the actual wedding ceremony.

And here’s the wedding slideshow of Sandhya and Rishikesh’s South Indian wedding!


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So we finally had the opportunity to shoot a ‘Trash the Dress’ session with Lien, our trooper of a volunteer bride, along with her husband Robert at Baker Beach in San Francisco, CA. A form of photography, ‘Trash the Dress’ concerns the bride taking her expensive wedding dress and subjecting it to some kind of distress; all the while wearing it! The contrast created by the elegant dress and the environment in which it is being photographed, coupled with the zaniness of the concept, is what makes it interesting for photographers.

With the ever present fog keeping the sun out, the photo shoot still turned out to be a memorable one as we waded knee-deep in cold, sea water and directed Lien in trashing her dress. If there was anything we learned on this shoot, it was to throw up our hands in the air with each crashing wave in order to keep our cameras safe from getting a bath.:) Here are selected images from Lien’s ‘Trash the Dress’ session.

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Weather has always played an important role for photographers specializing in wedding photography; outdoor portrait sessions do turn out to be more pleasant with Mother Nature’s cooperation and some sunshine. Then, there are days when one has to go against all odds to get the job. On May 28th, 2010, in the middle of a heavy downpour, we shot the wedding of Karen and Joost at the San Francisco City Hall.

As the wedding ceremony and reception was a small yet elegant affair, the couple decided to do the portrait session at some beautiful locations around the city. The day started off at the Legion of Honor, a museum displaying a collection of ancient and European art with breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge; when not enveloped in dense fog that is. After the museum we headed off to the oldest San Francisco landmark: The Palace of Fine Arts. An artistic wonder built after 1906, The Palace of Fine Arts served as a stunning background for the couple as it was fenced off for renovations at the time and there was nary a visitor in sight.

The San Francisco City Hall is a favorite among couples looking for a quick civil ceremony to bind them in Holy Matrimony. The historic architecture inside and out has served the community for more than eighty years. The wedding ceremony for Karen and Joost was held at the fourth floor gallery, a serene and cozy place filled with sunlight coming through a huge window above. We observed on Karen and Joost’s special day that no matter how big the venue is, nothing compares to the intimacy of sharing a precious moment in life in the company of friends and loved ones at the San Francisco City Hall. Even with the weather not being on our side, it turned out to be a perfect day after all!

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On a warm day in May, at the beautiful  private residence of the Janzens in Fresno, California, we captured the wonderful wedding of Antoinette and Uthman Nkosi. Apart from family and friends, an entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen witnessed sweet vows being exchanged by the couple and the emergence of the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Lockett.

As the couple is from the East Coast, the only interaction we had with them earlier was a telephonic conversation and an exchange of e-mails afterwards. So, it was a pleasure to meet both Antoinette and Nkosi for the first time on their wedding day; a day filled with many exuberant moments which were documented by us. The venue, with its many gardens, gave us a lot of creative freedom and served as an inspiration for the photo shoot.

Hats off to StarEvents who worked flawlessly to make the whole event a delightful affair.

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When we first met Karen and Joost (and that also on the engagement shoot day) we clicked, no pun intended, instantly. Their personalities and positive energy made the shoot interesting and fun.  The outdoor shoot took place at the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden in San Francisco, which was named for the late queen of Netherlands in 1962. The garden had a many different colored tulips in bloom and an authentic Dutch windmill provided a lovely background apart from reminding Joost of his homeland. We cannot wait to capture the couple’s wedding at end of May. A slideshow comprising of selected images from Karen and Joost’s engagement shoot follows. Happy viewing!

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It is with great joy that we share with you photos of baby Vivienne Lena Elizabeth Dieterle alongside her doting family. Elizabeth, the excited mom, had asked us to take pictures of the newborn Vivienne even before her arrival into this world. We were keen on being introduced to the month old baby Vivienne and on a sunny albeit windy day, headed over to The Presidio of San Francisco where the family had gathered. The park provided a perfect background for the portrait session which lasted for just over an hour. Congrats to Elizabeth and Alexander!

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It is never easy losing a close family member and moreso when it becomes apparent that our lives will never be the same again. We lost our Uncle Ahad on March 14th, 2010 and it has been an agonizing ordeal to try and believe that this really has happened; our minds are numb and our hearts have shattered. Uncle Ahad was a self-made man who lived his life not  for himself, but for others. His genial and humble nature won over many a friend and his commitment to excellent service garnered him accolades in San Francisco’s hospitality industry. Nothing was impossible for him; things were taken care of decisively and swiftly. Time had to keep up pace with him!

It was four months ago when we set foot in San Francisco and were welcomed by Uncle Ahad into his home and into his life. Our photography business took off with his blessings while we were staying with him. His words of wisdom and his moral support always made us feel as if we could do just about anything. We never thought that we’d have to see this day, when Uncle Ahad, the youngest of five brothers and one sister, would leave us so abruptly. No one will be able to fill the shoes of our sweet, fun and caring uncle and his memories will remain with us until the day when we will also return to the Almighty.

Your collection of wall clocks will always happily roar like a tiger or make a cuckoo sound at the turn of every hour; the numerous wind chimes will always lend a favorable tune for the wind to carry; but your loud guffaw will be sorely missed.

We’ll always miss you.

Shabbir & Salma

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