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Hidden Inspiration

2227401949_a5aff44a10_oInspiration is a stimulation of mind or emotions or the condition of being stimulated. I am not a street photographer and I can never capture random pictures when traveling. Most of my work, be it professional or personal, is sparked from being inspired for example by the colors of autumn or the story of a film. I find inspiration in the work of my mentors, in things all around me and especially words in the form of prose and poetry.

This photo of mine was inspired from a single word: hidden. I believe that it is how you identify an inspired idea and incorporate it in your work that defines your personality and your personal style. The featured photo is my very first inspiration after venturing into photography. I did not care about the technical details while capturing this scene as at that time I had a point and shoot. What mattered most was to bring my idea to life and the result is here. I feel proud when I say that this was published in an Australian magazine for a fictional story. It became my very first published picture which in turn gave me the confidence in creating better pictures.

The moral of this post is that it should not always come down to the sensor size or the availability of a gazillion mega-pixels in order to make your winning shot; just follow your ideas and you’ll never go wrong. – Salma

View in Large:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/umme/2227401949/


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A fresh click

Shabbir & SalmaThere is always a first time for everything. Take this blog for example, the first time either of us is venturing into creating a photography blog. So what’s this all about? Giving a glimpse of our work, professional and casual documentation of everyday happenings, and sharing it here is what inspired us to bring this blog to life.

Selecting the header pic was a no-brainer; it portrays the emotion we most relate to as human beings and that is love. The photo was taken at Port Credit in Toronto, Canada on a cold and windy October day. More to follow! — S&S

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